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Company profile

RR Elektronik GmbH, headquartered in Wiernsheim (Baden-Württemberg), was founded in June 1989. Our company's objective is research, development and construction as well as industrial manufacture of systems, devices and components of all kinds in the field of particle-measurement engineering, including accessories, service and maintenance.
With our many years of experience in the field of particle measurement engineering, we are one of the most renowned companies in the field of the development and manufacture of particle counters, both nationally and internationally. This is also well illustrated by our newest PZG series „gas particle counter“. This particle counter is especially captivating through its innovative technology: 8.4’’ colour touchscreen display (800 x 600 SVGA), laser optics, internal memory for at least 10,000 measurements, access through our internal company Intranet, up-to-date memory media, simple to operate and user friendly, very high-quality workmanship and much more.

We offer additional services along with the continued development of particle counters, aerosol generators and dilution systems. Calibrating, servicing and maintaining your equipment, even from other companies, are among our strong points. If you are experiencing a bottleneck, we would be glad to provide you with our rental equipment. To get acquainted, we would be glad to lend you one of our test units.

For us, reliable service and maintenance are not just words. It is what we are.
We would like to let you know more about that.
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